Sunday, December 16, 2007

Welcome! This is for those who are interested in the Ancient Mysteries ~ including the riddle of the Ancient Astronauts; Archaeological mysteries from the dawn of humankind; ancient studies that directly link to the present & future... and Mysteries of history that link directly to understanding matters of the spirit.


Unknown said...

I scored a 96 on your quiz, more confirmation ;p Aloha SoulsiStar Christian in Lahaina Maui Hawaii

mistifae said...

I scored 87. Is this site and blog current, ie august 18, 2012?

Unknown said...

I scored 85 on your quiz, please send more info, i feel everything changing around me..the buzzing in my ears, detachment from everything, excited but a little confused.

ggregory stucks said...

76...the year of my birth.

gossamer said...

I only scored an 80, curious that I've not encountered this site previously.

emotionalbully said...

I have a hard time believing anyone would score below 75 i scored 91

Adam "Maks" Roberts said...

Hello starseekers, I am Adam Roberts, Mark's only son and fellow traveler. I am currently trying to restore Mark's site and upgrade some of the research. He died almost exactly one year ago, but his work will live on. I will get back to you all as soon as possible.

Adam R.R. Roberts von Schleuter

Adam "Maks" Roberts said...

Hello fellow seekers, this is a message from Adam Roberts, Mark Roberts' only son. It is almost exactly a year ago Mark moved on to another path... I am trying to restore and upgrade his site. I will be back as soon as possible.

Adam J.R. Roberts von Schleuter

Unknown said...


How can I join?
I watch a youtube regarding LifeHacks and mytinysecrets suddenly a StarSeed video comes out.
Watch 2 videos but Consciously want to take a Test. And its great.
I think my long questions regarding de javu and dreams since child will have a Answer for long time.

My score is 81.

Steven said...

Hello there, are you still active? I know sereval friends scoring 80+, how can we join?

Unknown said...

I was so sad to hear of Mark's passing. I was one of the lucky people who knew Mark and who remembers how influential and important he was to so many in our world. I am happy to see his website still active... Thank you

Unknown said...

I scored 91 on the test may i be welcomed into the site?
p.s i am sorry for your loss.

Maureen said...

Thank you, Michelle Mays. Had wondered what had happened. Do you happen to have a link to an obit?

Doe Eyes said...

I scored 81 but I also choose NO to some questions if it wasnt
Really ;Touching my Inner Self! I would love to be apart of this site
And make friends with others like me. If anybody feels like chatting etc--::
PLZ do so! Love and Light

PS. I was told by renowned person that my Soul started out on the
Planet'-:HADAR. Anybody know of this planet?

Oracle said...

Today is 11/3/2020 I am late to the party. I was always hard to wake. i am sorry to hear that mark has passed on. I am compelled to comment. A connection of some sort I hope. you all found your way. maybe some one will look back and give me a hand. I am bringing up the rear I guess. M.